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Welcome to Signal 360 – The CES 2020 Edition

What is Constructive Disruption?

Everyone aims to create positive outcomes from innovation. But what makes it positive? One way to identify constructive disruption, says P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, is that it creates new models that can potentially disrupt your current business and also can grow the overall size of a market.

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The Privacy Principle: Protecting Consumer Trust

When there’s more data to analyze, companies can improve the quality of a consumer’s life — but not at the expense of customer trust. How can organizations collect and analyze data while also genuinely protecting it? P&G’s privacy officer, Susan Shook, explains the company’s thinking.

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Join P&G at CES 2020 – in Las Vegas or from around the world

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is an ideal place for P&G to share its innovation story of connecting breakthrough technology with consumer experience. Last year’s P&G presences received many accolades and awards for both the P&G LifeLab experience, as well as executive participation in marquee CES sessions. This year P&G will again have a major […]

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